About Us

UPDATE: Our current registrar has drastically changed their pricing structure, in response, we have negotiated with another registrar to bring you the best value and setup a new website at http://theparsec.com, please visit http://p.theparsec.com for more information.  The below information is no longer valid for the old website/registrar.  As a convenience, we will still make this site/registrar available to clients; however, the pricing will be updated to pass through the increases at cost.

Parsec was created to provide straight forward pricing when buying, renewing, and/or transferring domains.  Our pricing is consistent for each TLD; it doesn't matter if you are buying, renewing, or transferring a domain; it will be the same price.

We work directly with domain wholesalers to give you the best possible pricing.

You no longer have to worry about getting a teaser price; the price you pay to renew will be the same price another customer will pay to transfer or buy a new domain.

We will never try to up sell; Free Whois Privacy, DNS, Domain Forwarding, and Email Forwarding comes standard!  Keep in mind certain TLDs (.ca, .us, etc.) do not allow privacy protection, but the TLDs that are allowed to have Private Whois information will have it at no extra cost to you!

We also provide Email Marketing, Consulting, Webhosting, Server Management, and Professional DNS Hosting and Management.  We provide individual consultations to meet your needs.  If you are interested in any of these services email us at sales /@/ theparsec /./ com.